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2020-05-14Import Prices YoY APRKorea, Republic of
2020-04-13Import Prices YoY MARKorea, Republic of-0.009
2020-03-13Import Prices YoY FEBKorea, Republic of0.027
2020-02-14Import Prices YoY JANKorea, Republic of0.0273.30%
2020-01-15Import Prices YoY DECKorea, Republic of0.034-0.021
2019-12-13Import Prices YoY NOVKorea, Republic of
2019-11-14Import Prices YoY OCTKorea, Republic of-0.022
2019-10-16Import Prices YoY SEPKorea, Republic of
2019-09-18Import Prices YoY AUGKorea, Republic of-1.30%
2019-08-14Import Prices YoY JULKorea, Republic of
2019-07-12Import Prices YoY JUNKorea, Republic of-0.40%4.60%