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MidLincoln, a leading provider of investment research and services for “Buy” side focusing on emerging markets. It was launched in 2013 by analyst Ovanes Oganisian, as a boutique investment research service focusing on Emerging markets heavyweights: BRICS, Turkey and South Korea. Early in 2014 MidLincoln launched its equities service. In summer of 2014 the funds research and fund flows service has been launched as well as coverage of fixed income was initiated. In the end of 2014 MidLincoln launched its flagship ML Emerging Markets strategy. While in the beginning of this year MidLincoln launched its big data engine for factor investing and indexing services, providing strategic benchmarks available to track by the buy side institutions. MidLincoln Research is yet unregulated. It legal structure is not yet fully complete. In Russia MidLincoln operates via OOO MidLincoln.


BRICS, Turkey & South Korea

Recent Research Reports

  • ML Weekly

    2017-04-26 Free Access: Weekly performance is between 2017-04-21 and 2017-04-14 Best global markets last week USA +0.86%, EM (EMERGING MARKETS) +0.14%, EFM ASIA +0.14%, While worst global markets last week EUROPE -0.15%, FM (FRONTIER MARKETS) -0.12%, EM LATIN AMERIC ...

  • ML Fund Atlas Weekly Fund Flows

    2017-04-26 Free Access: Emerging markets fund flow showed 105.9 USD mn of inflow. While Frontier Markets funds showed -0.2 USD mn of outflows. BRAZIL Equity funds showed -48.0 USD mn of outflow. BRAZIL Fixed Income funds showed -4.6 USD mn of outflow. CHINA Equity fu ...

  • ML Fixed Income Weekly

    2017-04-25 Free Access: Chart: Most Negative Among European Bond Yields Not a pretty comparison but! with Negative NPVs - Markets are now more like casinos, where you always lose in the long term. Although there is some way to go because a Roulette YTM is -2.7% Source: ...

  • MidLincoln Research IPOs Weekly

    2017-04-24 Free Access: Recent Deals (last 10 days) Next 20 Deals United States (Senhwa Biosciences Inc) Pricing Date 04/10/2017 Performance since IPO -21.56% Senhwa Biosciences Appoints Lucas S. Chang as General Counsel Senhwa Biosciences CX-4945 Granted Orphan D ...

  • ML Morning Meeting

    2017-04-21 Free Access: Chart: Worst 20 Markets Last Year Vs. Their YTD Perfromance.. Sub-Saharan Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana - did bad last year and their underperformance is back. While Turkey, Israel and Bosnia are bouncing strongly despite last year troubles Source: ML ...

  • MidLincoln Research CIS Macro and Politics Update

    2017-04-20 Free Access: Armenia Armenian President: “Elections showed significant progress” /.../ Armenian Prime Minister to visit Ashgabat /.../ IMF forecasts 2.9% GDP growth for Armenia in 2017 and 2018 /.../ Armenia calls for increased trade and ag investmen ...

  • ML Fund Atlas - Weekly Fund Flow

    2017-04-20 Free Access: Chart: Quant Funds Outflows - Less Source: ML Download file in Power Point Emerging markets fund flow showed 3246.5 USD mn of inflow. While Frontier Markets funds showed 6.3 USD mn of inflows. BRAZIL Equity funds showed 214.2 USD mn o ...

  • ML Index Atlas

    2017-04-19 Free Access: Top 20 Index Longs Based on Momentum Top 20 Index Shorts Based on Momentum Best Indexes last Week Best Indexes last Month Best Indexes YTD Best Indexes 1yr ...

  • ML Monthly - April Strategy - March Review.

    2017-04-11 Free Access: Chart: Dollar (DXY) – Break Out is Likely And it will make sense Source: ML, Bloomberg Download file in Power Point Strategy Markets have been in divergence mode US stock markets tanked in March while emerging markets led by Asian mar ...

  • Midlincoln Chart Art

    2017-04-08 Free Access: Global Sectors - PE vs Growth Key Quant Indexes YTD Performance Quant Funds Outflows - Less Download file in Power Point Brent Oil price vs. USD Index (DXY). Dollar strength is the key to oil price dynamics Emerging Markets Funds Post inflows m ...

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