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Russia Is Ready to Rein In the Ratings Agencies
The worst thing that could happen for a bank in this situation is for their credit rating to be downgraded below investment grade, effectively cutting off their access to financing,” says Ovanes Oganisyan, an analyst at the MidLincoln Research investment strategy consulting firm in Moscow.
Couple of points on Alibaba IPO.
Alibaba rings a bell as biggest IPO is a service company and comes from a country which used to be world's workshop
Rosja drży przed unijnymi sankcjami gospodarczymi
Od dziś wchodzą w życie pierwsze sankcje Unii Europejskiej, wymierzone w całe sektory rosyjskiej gospodarki. Unia zdecydowała się na ten krok, by powstrzymać Moskwę od wspierania prorosyjskich rebeliantów na Ukrainie.
MSCI Launched ex-Russia Indexes. Signaled it will remove VTB (probably its largerst client in Russia)
Как отметил стратег Midlincoln Research Ованес Оганесян, это стандартная процедура при корпоративном действии, однако санкции могут сделать ее не совсем обычной. Кроме того, он отметил, что если бы не было корпоративного действия, то, возможно, MSCI и не проводила бы никаких консультаций
Sanctiones Will Negatively Affect Russian Economy
Russia is much more succeptible in financial sector than in the oil and gas sector
New Sanctions Will Affect Liquidity:
Bloomberg Interviewed Ovanes Oganisian on sanctiones
Russia may be moved to FM markets Category
Russian market moves closer to resemble market in Kazakhstan where infrustructure is great but liquidity is poor and market is heavily concenrated in just a few names
Ukraine Election Brings Market Triumph for Bonds: Russia Credit
Poroshenko's election victory is "quite positive for the Ukrainian investment case," according to Ovanes Oganisyan, a strategist at MidLincoln Research in Moscow. "In Russian bonds there was a move already, but Russia will also be in a much better spot. There is reason to be slightly more optimistic."
MSCI May Rebalancing Preview
According O.Oganesyan, Russia's weight in the index MSCI EM may be even lower - 4.7%. "As the Russian economy as a whole, the stock market there are structural problems. Large companies set too high a bar for inclusion in the index of other Russian companies, so many issuers officials simply have no chance to get into the base for the calculation of indices MSCI.
Wall Street investment bank's dilemma: stay away from or close to Russia?
Moscow Midlincoln Institute strategist Ovanes Oganisian on Bloomberg told reporters that "at the moment this time, only Putin's most loyal partner in the St. Petersburg forum will show up, they will pretend to Ukraine incident behind, but the truth is Russia's position in the emerging markets already are not as important. "
Deposit Insurance Fund gets additional 2 bn$ for Crimea
Furthermore, according to Midlincoln Research Ovanes Oganisian, whats coming to a fund is a way to recapitalise the fund in the environment of higher revoking licensing frequency rates.
Wall Street Ties to Putin Threatened as Sanctions Bite

Ukraine Crisis Nets Billions of Dollars for Kremlin

Moscow Bourse Weight Upped in MSCI 10/40

Upcoming MSCI 10-40 rebalancing

Russia Stocks Climb as Norilsk to Rosneft Gain on Ruble Weakness

Ulyukaev wants to speed up privatisation


Russian Central Bank is up for reorganisation of regional structure.

Masterbank mess could help Sberbank to get hold of


Retailer Metro is moving closer to Moscow Exchange

Boeing 737 Crashes in Russian City of Kazan, Killing 50

Russian oil and gas sector, avoiding toilet paper shortage

My favorite research piece

Is Russia on the Path of Becoming a Frontier Market?

Contact Sport of Russian M&A

Looking for the Center of Financial Mass

Russia's Economic Epic

Trends for 2012 and 2013 | The Moscow Times

Pussy Riot Verdict, What will the market say?

Privatization of the Pension System Delayed

Trends on the Russian M&A Market: Theory vs. Practice

A Pre-election Buy-Back

Will Fast Russian Companies Ever Emerge?

New IPOs Get Squeezed by the Size of Gazprom

History of Russia's IPOs as Reflected in the MSCI Russia Index

AvtoVAZ — an Ongoing Problem

The Last Convergence Attempt – State Firms Must Focus on Profit and Dividends

Small Business Vanishes

The Future Landscape of the Russian Stock Marke

Boosting Russia's Export Trade

Alchemists Sought Philosopher's Stone, Investors Prefer Gas

Microsoft Product Support Services

Recent Research

Ml Econ/Politics GEM Weekly China GDP, Russia Ratings Cut, Brazil Election on Sunday
Key Country News Russia Russia's President Putin meets Ukraine President Poroshenko, EU .../.../Libyan Prime Minister Says Will Visit Russia Late October or .../.../Russia Rating Cut by Moody's on Sluggish Economic Growth/.../Russia's Investment Gr

ML Fund Aggregates GEM outlfows 288mn$, Frontier outflows c90mn$
Last week ending Friday Oct 17 Emerging markets fund flow were negative again overall emerging market funds lost 288 mn$ in outflow during the week. Frontier equity funds outflow was roughly 90mn$ on our data. Elsewhere on the emerging markets f

Midlincoln Research CIS Economics and Politics Update
Armenia's President participates in opening of chess school/.../IMF 'Ready' to Continue Work with Armenia/.../Armenian minister sees no reason for revision of economic growth .../...//.../Rural Schools in Decline in Rural Armenia/.../Decline of Rus

MidLincoln GEMs Model Portfolio Update
Performance update since inception of Feb 3 First couple of weeks from rebalancing in October we maintain our outperformance of MSCI GEM Index and we made a good catch up in Brazil . We are now beating MSCI GEM Index by 1100 btps or so since incep

MidLincoln Emerging Markets Strategy - October
Emerging markets are in the correcting mode. The reasons could be many.. Chinese slowdown Dollar strength Expectations of US rates levels and negative implications for Emerging markets ISIS Ukraine Falling oil price Alibaba IPO It is diff

Industry Sectors Weekly Oct 14
Communications Page .. More brand-funded TV emerging as Ten renews focus James Murdoch takes swipe at Google over piracy/---/Emerging Markets Media Content Mexico 3Q Earnings Growth Points to Telecom, Materials, Consumer ... What's Next For Bra

ML Fund Flow Aggregates Oct 14
Fund Aggregates Last week ending Friday Oct 10 Emerging markets fund flow were negative again reversing brief period of inflows the previous week. Overall Emerging market funds lost 520mn$ in outflow during the week. Elsewhere on emerging markets

ML Weekly Econ/Politics Oct 13 2014
Key Country News Russia Russian President Vladimir Putin should not be attending G20 .../.../Prime Minister Tony Abbott vows to 'shirtfront' Russian president .../.../Western sanctions for Ukraine conflict hurt Russian economy, open .../.../Russia'

MidLincoln GEMs Fixed Income Queries and Stance Weekly (free access)
Sovereign Bonds Yields Drops Week Change USD Eurobonds - UKRAINE (GOVERNMENT OF) 16 Ukraine at 15.25% down 0.18% on week. Sovereign Bonds Yields Climbs Week Change USD Eurobonds PETROLEOS DE VENEZUELA SA 17 at 23.97% up 2.62% etc.. etc..

MidLincoln Industry/Sectors Weekly (Free Access)
Key Industry News Communications Page .. A window on marketing's future EBRD REDUCES STAKE IN POLAND'S LEADING TELECOMS .../---/Emerging Markets Media Content Emerging-market stocks pared a weekly loss as telecommunications ... Slim Enriches H

ML Weekly Econ/Politics Oct 6 2014 (Free Access)
Russia Why Russia's President Is 'Putin the Great' in China/.../Chinese PM To Visit Russia/.../How Russia Can Tackle Its Budget Crisis/.../Teetering rouble overshadows lure of cheap Russian stocks/.../Russia surprises peers with early wheat export m

MidLincoln GEMs Model Portfolio Rebalancing (embargoed and released)
Performance update September is significant as our performance reversed to outperformance of MSCI GEM Index. We are now beating MSCI GEM Index by 540 btps. Since inception on Feb 3 we are now doing well in absolute terms in South Africa, China,

ML Research Aggregates for Funds (free access)
Last week ending Friday Emerging markets fund flow turned to inflow. GEM dedicated funds reported inflows of US381mn following 3 or 4 weeks of outflows. China equity funds registered 168$ mn of inflow, Russia funds showed 40mn$ of inflows. India fun

ML Russia Markets Review September 14
September - 2014 Russian Market Review Russia RTSI$ Index lost 5.39% last month. To finish the month at 1126.07 . Overall it is down 20.81% since the beginning of the year. MSCI Russia Index lost-5.81% last month. Its overall down -22.21% since t

MidLincoln Industry/Sectors Oct 1
Communications Page .. A window on marketing's future EBRD REDUCES STAKE IN POLAND'S LEADING TELECOMS .../---/Emerging Markets Media Content Emerging-market stocks pared a weekly loss as telecommunications ... Slim Enriches Himself With Breakup

ML Notes from Midwest - Russia achieved immunity from sanctions through weaker ruble
When international sanctions were imposed on Russia the power of one variable was underestimated initially and that was the ruble. In the past in the absence of external liquidity Russian economy usually quickly choked when ruble rate was glued to

ML Weekly Econ/Politics Sep 29 2014
Key Country News Russia Lithuania's president: 'Russia is terrorizing its neighbors and using .../.../Exclusive: Ukraine prime minister says Russians 'want us to freeze'/.../World Bank Slashes Russian Growth Forecasts/.../Russia's Car Market Slump

ML Fund Aggregates Sep 19-Sep 26
Some emerging market China related equity fund outflow flow accelerate at least on our data. GEM outflow totaled 1.7bn$ for GEM dedicated funds. China outflow totaled 3.2bn$ for China equity funds. However for other country dedicated funds some in

MidLincoln GEMs Fixed Income Queries and Stance Weekly
Top 10 GEM Sovereign Bonds Yields Drops Week Change USD Eurobonds Top 10 GEM Sovereign Bonds Yields Climbs Week Change USD Eurobonds Top 10 GEM Corporate Bonds Yields Climbes Week Change USD Eurobonds Top 10 GEM Corporate Bonds Yields Drop

MidLincoln GEMs Equity Portfolio Performance Update
Performance update Since inception on Feb 3 we are now doing well in absolute terms in South Africa, China, Russia and South Korea. We are still doing poorly in absolute terms in India, Brazil and Turkey however recently our underperformance in

MidLincoln Industry/Sectors Weekly
CommunicationsPage .. Those Dreaded Spoilers That Can Torpedo Dramatic Plot Take On a ... EBRD REDUCES STAKE IN POLAND'S LEADING TELECOMS .../---/Emerging Markets Media Content Emerging-market stocks pared a weekly loss as telecommunications ...

MSCI Ongoing Consultations re: Alibaba, Baidu, Vimpelcom X5 etc
MSCI proposes to enhance the coverage of the MSCI Global Investable Market Indexes by considering all companies which are listed in other geographies rather than its core geography. So that companies, primarily classified e.g. in China, Russia and

ML Econ/Politics Weekly
Key Country News Russia Russia's President Vladimir Putin Rejects Ukrainian Separatists' Aim .../.../Russia ready to cooperate with U.S., European Union, Prime .../.../Global Tensions Pose Risk to Russian Economic Growth, Says .../.../Russian stock

ML Fund Aggregates
Last week (between Sep 19 and Sep 12) Emerging Market equity fund flows were set to outflows losing 181 mn$ which is slightly less than the previous week outflow of circa 243 mn$. EMEA funds showed 0.6$mn outflows, MENA funds of 0.5 mn$, GCC equity

FAK Sistema
On our assumptions, the case of AFK Sistema is not like the Yukos affair. Saga of the Sistema - is rather the story pieced by Lego blocks, where the pieces include Rosneft buyout of TNK BP, a story of Gazprom buying Sibneft, story possibly includes s

ML GEMs Equity Portfolio
Performance update Since inception on Feb 3 we are now doing well in absolute terms in South Africa, China, Russia and South Korea. We are still doing poorly in absolute terms in India, Brazil and Turkey however recently our underperforma

MidLincoln Industry/Sectors Overview Weekly
CommunicationsPage .. EBRD REDUCES STAKE IN POLAND'S LEADING TELECOMS ... Amazing stories: The Drum catches up with digital agency Amaze as .../---/Emerging Markets Media Content Google unveils $US105 smartphone for emerging markets Emerging St

ML Weekly Econ/Politics Sep 15 2014
Key Country News Russia Ukraine fights off attack on Donetsk airport by pro-Russia forces/.../Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev Turns 49/.../Global Tensions Pose Risk to Russian Economic Growth, Says .../.../Russian investors wary of new cease

ML Fund Flow Aggregates
Last week (between Sep 5 and Sep 12) Emerging Market equity fund flows were set to outflows. This is first GEM outflows stats on our numbers since we started tracking th fund flow info since approximately end of May this year. Frontier markets fu

MidLincoln Emerging Markets Charts and Datamine
China Bond Yields Brazil Government Bond Yields (10y) Reais Korean YC local Russia Yield 10 yr (RUB) Turkey Sovereign Eurobonds SA Government Bonds 10y (ZAR) India Government Bond 10 yr (INR) Ukraine Souvereign Eurobond Yield Nigeria Gover

Markets Week Change and Best&Worst

Weekly Index Performance
Changes between 2014-10-13 and 2014-10-20
Borsa Istanbul 100 Index76104.883.55
Jakarta Stock Exchange Composi5085.463.14
MICEX Index1395.032.26
FTSE/JSE Africa All Share Inde47938.571.80
Russian Trading System Cash In1076.811.18
S&P BSE SENSEX Index26453.011.11
Russian Depositary Index USD1298.861.02
Ibovespa Brasil Sao Paulo Stoc55723.790.75
Hong Kong Hang Seng Index23125.840.59
Warsaw Stock Exchange WIG Tota52837.990.20
Korea Stock Exchange KOSPI Ind1930.060.15
S&P/TSX Composite Index14227.680.00
Shanghai Stock Exchange Compos2356.73-0.01
Mexican Stock Exchange Mexican43273.5-0.37
FTSE 100 Index6313.16-0.42
Dow Jones Industrial Average16380.41-0.99
S&P 500 Index1886.76-1.02
Nikkei 22515111.23-1.24
Karachi Stock Exchange KSE100 29771.12-1.56

Weekly Currency Performance

Weekly Commodities Performance
CBOT CORNUSD/BU.346.002.98
CBOT OATSUSD/BU.345.500.88
TOCOM GOLDJPY/G4271.000.73
COMEX GOLDUSD/T OZ.1241.000.70
GOLD SPOTUSD/T OZ.1241.640.67
ICE SUGAR #11USD/LB.16.620.42
EURO SPOTEUR/T OZ.973.740.12
ICE COCOAUSD/MT3118.00-1.24
EURO SPOTEUR/T OZ.13.65-1.37
ICE COTTON #2USD/LB.62.82-3.34
ICE COFFEE "C"USD/LB.210.65-4.42

Weekly Bond Rates Performance Change in btps
SOUTH KOREA2.73%12-29-72
NEW ZEALAND4.02%0-25-67
BRAZIL (USD)3.93%-5-20-31
HONG KONG1.66%-6-41-26
UNITED STATES2.19%-9-36-36
MEXICO (USD)3.15%-17-35-48

Best and Worst in the  BRICSKST
(MSCI Emerging Markets Index stocks only)

Eregli Demir ve Celik Fab4.5511.52
Yapi ve Kredi Bankasi AS4.667.87
Turkiye Garanti Bankasi A8.367.46
Turkiye Vakiflar Bankasi 4.527.36
Akbank TAS7.767.18
Turkiye Is Bankasi5.226.31
Tofas Turk Otomobil Fabri13.655.81
Arcelik AS12.755.81
Turkiye Halk Bankasi AS14.305.15
KOC Holding AS10.704.90
TAV Havalimanlari Holding16.95-1.74
Anadolu Efes Biracilik Ve25.70-0.96
BIM Birlesik Magazalar AS46.80-0.43
Koza Altin Isletmeleri AS16.950.00
Enka Insaat ve Sanayi AS5.120.39
Emlak Konut Gayrimenkul Y2.340.43
Tupras Turkiye Petrol Raf45.400.67
Turk Hava Yollari6.390.95
Ford Otomotiv Sanayi AS26.100.97
Turk Telekomunikasyon AS5.931.19


Raia Drogasil SA22.506.03
Banco do Brasil SA31.995.93
Centrais Eletricas Brasil10.405.91
Bradespar SA18.435.50
Tim Participacoes SA11.755.19
Transmissora Alianca de E20.204.55
Sul America SA13.864.21
Braskem SA16.734.17
Porto Seguro SA29.243.91
Itau Unibanco Holding SA36.703.88
Oi SA1.25-6.02
EDP - Energias do Brasil 9.77-5.60
Petroleo Brasileiro SA19.09-4.65
Usinas Siderurgicas de Mi5.88-4.55
Cyrela Brazil Realty SA E12.45-4.23
Cielo SA38.70-4.11
Odontoprev SA9.00-3.85
Souza Cruz SA19.39-3.77
Petroleo Brasileiro SA18.18-3.66
Kroton Educacional SA15.10-3.27


Power Finance Corp Ltd258.559.56
Rural Electrification Cor266.558.97
Shriram Transport Finance935.008.43
Bank of India260.808.13
LIC Housing Finance Ltd336.007.62
Coal India Ltd354.906.50
ICICI Bank Ltd1535.756.25
Oil & Natural Gas Corp Lt423.906.08
Reliance Capital Ltd459.405.13
Canara Bank389.655.03
DLF Ltd115.15-21.43
HCL Technologies Ltd1510.55-12.73
Jindal Steel & Power Ltd140.00-11.39
Tata Consultancy Services2445.00-9.69
Piramal Enterprises Ltd682.85-3.84
Unitech Ltd18.10-3.72
Apollo Hospitals Enterpri1032.00-3.51
Wockhardt Ltd740.70-3.30
Infosys Ltd3803.55-3.29
Titan Industries Ltd382.85-3.17


Sinopharm Group Co Ltd29.6013.19
Daphne International Hold3.8710.57
CSR Corp Ltd7.5510.06
Datang International Powe3.947.36
Shenzhou International Gr26.756.79
Sihuan Pharmaceutical Hol6.336.21
Huaneng Power Internation8.704.82
Haitong Securities Co Ltd12.624.64
China Telecom Corp Ltd4.804.35
CITIC Securities Co Ltd18.584.26
Zoomlion Heavy Industry S3.94-10.05
Anta Sports Products Ltd15.58-9.84
China BlueChemical Ltd3.04-7.60
Uni-President China Holdi6.84-6.43
Zhongsheng Group Holdings8.05-5.96
Sun Art Retail Group Ltd8.70-4.40
AviChina Industry & Techn5.59-4.28
Longfor Properties Co Ltd8.84-3.60
Fosun International Ltd8.70-3.23
Air China Ltd4.65-3.13

South Africa

Kumba Iron Ore Ltd29761.0011.53
Assore Ltd24440.008.18
FirstRand Ltd4310.005.64
Anglo American Platinum L37460.005.37
Northam Platinum Ltd3550.004.41
Anglo American PLC24450.004.25
RMB Holdings Ltd5600.004.07
Imperial Holdings Ltd17840.003.33
Discovery Ltd9470.003.27
Bidvest Group Ltd28502.003.20
Massmart Holdings Ltd11699.00-5.99
AngloGold Ashanti Ltd11378.00-5.73
Harmony Gold Mining Co Lt2220.00-3.27
Pick n Pay Stores Ltd5210.00-2.34
Life Healthcare Group Hol4201.00-2.10
PPC Ltd2775.00-1.94
Sappi Ltd4212.00-1.93
Liberty Holdings Ltd11774.00-1.72
Impala Platinum Holdings 8399.00-0.49
Foschini Group Ltd/The11345.00-0.48


Sistema JSFC7.415.86
Surgutneftegas OAO27.155.44
MMC Norilsk Nickel OJSC7141.005.01
AFK Sistema13.874.29
Mobile Telesystems OJSC13.614.21
Severstal OAO415.203.80
Lukoil OAO1992.903.52
LSR Group3.07-10.26
Tinkoff CS4.38-4.78
TMK OAO7.70-3.75
Magnit OJSC59.63-2.25
MegaFon OAO23.74-2.10
Moscow Exchange58.61-0.15

South Korea

CJ Corp177000.0012.74
LG Household & Health Car547000.0012.55
AMOREPACIFIC Group1183000.0010.15
NCSoft Corp140000.009.80
SK Networks Co Ltd10400.008.56
SK Hynix Inc44900.007.67
Kumho Petro chemical Co L73700.007.28
S-1 Corp83400.007.06
CJ CheilJedang Corp398500.006.84
Hyundai Development Co-En39600.006.59
KT Corp30900.00-9.91
LG Uplus Corp10600.00-8.62
NHN Entertainment Corp73100.00-8.17
OCI Co Ltd93700.00-7.68
SK Telecom Co Ltd259000.00-6.67
Samsung Techwin Co Ltd29200.00-5.96
Hyundai Mobis238500.00-5.73
Hyundai Motor Co169000.00-5.59
LG Corp69700.00-4.65
Samsung Electro-Mechanics41150.00-4.63

CRABSTICKS Group of Countries


  • Russia Beefs Up Gold Reserves To Offset Heat of Sanctions And ...
  • Libyan Prime Minister Says Will Visit Russia Late October or ...
  • Russia Rating Cut by Moody's on Sluggish Economic Growth
  • Russia's Investment Grade Status Teeters On Edge Following ...
  • Rich Russians to face bigger payments for luxury properties
  • Oil price: can Russia cope with further falls?
  • Russia Stocks Decline as Sanctions Concern Drags Down Sberbank
  • Russia's Debt Rating Slashed Again by Moody's as Economy Falters


  • "No more weird architecture" says Chinese president
  • Chinese ships in disputed waters after Japan's prime minister ...
  • China's Economic Growth To Slow Over Next Two Decades ...
  • China investment to pick up, can meet 2014 economic growth target ...
  • Why China's auto sales are the weakest in 19 months
  • China's Exports Buoy Growth as IPhone Inflates Imports
  • A framework to handle local government debt
  • China debt threat 'not the same as subprime'

    South Africa

  • President Continues to Meet Parliamentary Obligations
  • Algeria's prime minister denies the presence of Islamic State group ...
  • African economic growth under threat from Ebola, warns IMF
  • Global PE Players Increasingly Look to Africa as Investment ...
  • Population Growth Far Outpaces Food Supply in Conflict-Ravaged ...

  • Rand gains in recovery mode
  • South Africa to Become World's Second Non-Islamic Country to ...


  • North Korea Threatens To 'Annihilate' South Korean Group Behind ...
  • Siemens chief meets prime minister
  • S. Korea's Economy to Post 3.7% Growth in 2015
  • South Korean investors shift focus to small-caps
  • Seoul rejects rebuke over labour laws
  • Korea exports to China up first time in six months
  • Seoul's ODA budget jumps 9 pct for next year
  • Russia, North Korea conduct first transaction in rubles


  • President of India conveys greetings and best wishes to the ...
  • India Prime Minister Narendra Modi's BJP Set to Win State Elections
  • India set to become $2 trillion economy in 2014: IMF
  • India headed for 5% plus growth in FY15, 6% plus growth in FY16 ...
  • Cabinet Secretary Arun K Seth to kick off 'Food for all' meet
  • India's exports growth slows to 2.4 pct in August
  • WNS Holdings' (WNS) CEO Keshav Murugesh on Q2 2015 Results ...
  • India Debt Outlook Improving, S&P Says


  • Turkey to Oppose U.S. Arms Transfers to Kurdish Fighters, Says ...
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  • FDI transcends Turkey's troubles
  • Wanting strategic allies, needing genuine friends
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  • Turkey has joined the coalition force on its own terms


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  • FP's Situation Report: DOD unveils domestic Ebola response; U.S. ...
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  • Public investment can trump budget surpluses in lowering Canada's ...
  • Lincoln is the Capital of


    Did you know?

    1.In Nebraska they eat cinnamon rolls with chilli!

    Only People From Nebraska Understand

    Source: Jillian Hall via www.jillianmaryhall.com

    Don’t bother serving chili unless it includes a side of cinnamon rolls. There’s nothing like a bite of savory spiciness followed by a nibble of homey sweetness.

    Nebraskans who have grown up with this amazing combo are always floored when people from elsewhere have never heard of it. Don’t knock it either–once you try it you’ll wonder how you didn’t think of it before.

    2. Aksarben Isn’t A Nonsense Word

    Only People From Nebraska Understand

    Source: Ak-sar-ben River City Rodeo and Stock Show via Facebook

    For those not from the place where The Good Life abounds, Aksarben is Nebraska spelled backwards.

    Once a gloried race track in Omaha, it’s used in everything from names of businesses to shopping centers to a rodeo and stock show. It’s most prevalent in Omaha, but you’ll still see it other places in the state.

    Yeah, it may seem a little silly, but it’s better than Amohalko or Aigroeg, right?

    3. Dorothy Lynch Is More Than Just Dressing

    Only People From Nebraska Understand

    Source: www.dorothylynch.com

    You’ll know this native condiment of Nebraska by its bright orange hue and big flecks of black pepper throughout. Manufactured in Duncan (population 351), this thick, sweet dressing is a little bit spicy and boasts a homemade taste.

    It’s used in home-cooked recipes galore, from marinades to side dishes. Ex-Nebraskans are known to have it shipped to the coasts to satisfy that craving for a taste of home.

    4. Nebraskans Don’t Measure In Miles, They Measure In Time

    Only People From Nebraska Understand

    Source: Flickr user Kathleen Waters Photography

    Nebraska features a large expanse of interstate and highway roads, but locals don’t measure in miles.

    If you ask a Nebraskan how far it is from Lincoln to Grand Island, you probably won’t get the answer “100 miles.” You’re way more likely to hear, “Oh, about an hour and a half.”

    With long stretches of road ahead and few cities to slow you down, time is the best way to measure a trip.

    5. O’Neill Is The ONLY Place To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

    Only People From Nebraska Understand

    Source: O’Neill Nebraska Chamber of Commerce via Facebook

    This “Irish Capital of Nebraska” is the only place to go for St. Patrick’s Day. Located in the proverbial middle-of-nowhere in the northern part of the state, O’Neill goes all out for the holiday.

    The town explodes with Irish dancers, food and, of course, drinking. Locals paint a shamrock on Main Street and head down to paint the famous “Green Horse from O’Neill” for the parade the Friday before.

    If you stop by the Good Timin’ bar you’ll be treated to a gallon milk jug full of green keg beer for around $4. It’s a down-home party only Nebraskans could throw.

    6. Every Small Town Has A Rival

    Only People From Nebraska Understand

    Source: Flickr user The People’s Tribune

    If you live in Central City, you hate Aurora and you can’t wait to beat the pants off them come football season. The same goes for Cozad and Gothenburg.

    Even though the only difference outsiders notice is that one town probably has a drive-in called Dairy Cream while the other has one called Dairy King, the natives will quickly expound on the differences in each community and why theirs is superior.

    7. Husker Game Day Is A Hallowed Event

    Only People From Nebraska Understand

    Source: Flickr user Dave Williss

    Pretty much everything in Nebraska comes to a halt on Saturdays during football season. Memorial Stadium becomes the third largest city in Nebraska, and every television is set to the same channel.

    Weddings, festivals and birthday parties are planned with Cornhusker games in mind. Don’t try to have a garage sale or any other kind of event on game day–it’s just not happening.

    8. Nebraskans Have Perfected The Art Of The Road Trip

    Only People From Nebraska Understand

    Source: Flickr user shannonpatrick17

    Nebraska may be known as flyover country, but get out on the open road and there’s plenty to find–from the picturesque and beautiful sandhills up North to the banks of the Platte River.

    The locals know which small towns boast the best cafes, where to find the perfect antique market and which small-town festivals shouldn’t be missed. With plenty of highways and backroads, you never know what you’ll run into on the plains of Nebraska.

    9. Arbor Lodge State Historical Park Is More Beautiful Than Any Other Place On Earth

    Only People From Nebraska Understand

    Source: Arbor Lodge State Historical Park via Facebook

    Home of Arbor Day, Arbor Lodge is a popular destination for weddings and weekend getaways. One look and you can see why. The beautiful trees, breathtaking rose garden and stately Lodge are certain to rival any other destination in terms of aesthetic appeal.

    Located near Nebraska City, autumn is definitely the best time to visit. Fall colors, leaves and apples abound, making it the place Nebraskans flock to for a charming local getaway.

    10. It May Be 70 Degrees Today, But It’s Snowing Tomorrow

    Only People From Nebraska Understand

    Source: Flickr user shannonpatrick17

    You’ve heard the old adage ”If you don’t like the weather wait five minutes,” but in Nebraska it holds true.

    It’s not out of the ordinary to go from wearing a parka to shorts in the same day. There are legitimately consecutive days with temperature differences of 70 degrees. Nebraskans are so used to it they plan outdoor events in advance anyway–now that’s hardcore.

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